“Everyone Knows What Love Feels Like And We Have All Needed Forgiveness At Some Point In Time,” says Stefan Jansen about his debut single.

Listen up, because Pretoria based Stefan Jansen’s debut single, Verdienste En Genade, is definitely not something that you want to miss. The song has just been released and is ready to take over radio frequencies across the country. It boasts a refreshing contemporary sound and sincere heartfelt lyrics that will most definitely resonate with listeners of all ages.

The singing sensation’s warm and dynamic voice is the perfect match for this emotional love song that was written by the artist himself.

Verdienste En Genade is a very personal song about the singer’s relationship with his girlfriend and long-time friend and how he was sorry for hurting her in the past. Although it was initially written and recorded in English Song of Silence, Robin Walsh inspired him to translate it to Afrikaans.

“It is about the journey my girlfriend and I have had together so far. At the beginning of our relationship, I was unable to see how much she meant to me,” he says. “One day I realized that I indeed needed her in my life and did not want to lose her as a friend and partner, even if it meant finally declaring my love to her. I played open cards with her and she forgave me.”

The track was literally written overnight and recorded that next morning and has a captivating tune that will not only make you want pull your loved one closer for a while, but is also one of those songs that remains stuck in your head – long after hearing it for the first time.

“This is my first Afrikaans song and I did not have a chance to come up with a story. The content is the pure truth,” explains the musician. “I think a lot of people will be able to identify with that. Everyone has been to a place where they have received something out of sheer grace. Everyone knows how love feels and sometimes everyone needs forgiveness.”

He has always loved music and was part of a Punk music group at school, but it did not last long because the band members’ sound did not work well together. He laughs about it now and says:

“None of us were able to sing well back then, but practice makes perfect and timing is everything!”

But he wasn’t prepared to give up on his music dreams just yet and asked his father to teach him to play guitar properly. What started out as campfire music in the bush, soon grew into paid solo performances at restaurants and bars for pocket money in Pretoria, where he went to study Law. Later he became part of the Gobabis Band, with whom he still performs with.

Over the years, he has shared the stage with several big names, including, Jan Blohm, Valiant Swart, Justin Serrao, Crash Car Burn and Anton Goosen. He also had the privilege of being part of The Parlotones’s twentieth anniversary tour in Europe in 2018 and promoting his music in Switzerland at the beginning of 2020.

The singer attended Primary and High School in Bronkhorstspruit, reveals that he loves listening to meaningful acoustic music and that he has great admiration for international musicians and groups such as Foo Fighters, Elton John, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joshua Kadison, Foy Vance and Freddy Mercury. He would also love to collaborate with the likes of Laurika Rauch, Hunter Kennedy, Valiant Swart and Danie du Toit (Spoegwolf), locally.

“If I had to summarise my favourite music, I would say it would have to be organic, genuine and honest. Lyric-driven music is important to me, but I also enjoy just listening to the music, and vice versa,” he shares.

If he had to choose a different career, he would have liked to build and sell acoustic guitars; a skill that he would like to master in the near future, because he is already a qualified guitar technician.

But for now, singing is his main focus. He is working hard on creating new Afrikaans songs, preparing for live performances and assisting clients with legal matters to make a living.

Stefan Jansen believes that music should be sincere and honest… and likes to share his perspective of the world through his own songs. Verdienste En Genade is not only going to top the charts of various radio stations, but is also the start of a very promising solo music career for this talented artist.

Listen to Verdienste En Genade

The song will be available on all digital platforms soon.