Malaika Salatis Releases “Give it All” Music Video with an MTV Base Exclusive.

On Wednesday 4 May 2022, Reunionese artist Malaika Salatis exclusively debuted the music video for her latest single, “Give It All” with none other than MTV Base followed by a global release strategy. Following the exclusive MTV Base release, the music video will be available for public consumption on Malaika Salatis’ YouTube Channel from 5 May 2022 and on television globally. The dancer, actress, model, and recording artist has created a meaningful music video with a steamy edge to pair perfectly with the sensual and enticing single release.

Malaika Salatis, born and raised in Reunion Island, flies her country’s flag high. She aspires to be the country’s ambassador in the same way other artists like Rihanna have become ambassadors for their own country. Therefore, Reunion Island is a main character in the music video, as Malaika Salatis aspires for her country to be showcased for all the beauty that it encompasses.

The intention behind the music video is to portray a character who feels anger toward her nation, Reunion Island, as she doesn’t see the beauty that it is. She wants to leave by any means because she is unable to see the love that surrounds her and directs her anger on everything that makes her whole.

Malaika Salatis plays herself in the music video, as she is unable to accept love as it comes, so she constantly flees difficulties. She finds herself turning everything upside down as soon as she can no longer handle the pressure that hangs over her shoulders. However, in her quest for personal success, she is left with nothing and obligated to look at herself in the mirror and is then guided to return to her roots.

The mirror is constant in the music video which draws inspiration from the main character Monty Brogan played by Edward Norton in the Spike Lee-directed movie; “25th hour”  – the more he looks at himself in the mirror the more he understands that he is the only one responsible of the mess around him. The mirror also refers to the magic mirror in Myth, we love what we see but we don’t see our bad intention behind it all. The music video also is a search for freedom, but freedom comes with responsibility. You can find it in every piece Malaika Salatis creates – Always locked in a room, trying to escape as a reference to Maya Angelou: “I know why the caged birds sing.

Malaika Salatis has performed as a dancer for renowned artists such as Macklemore, Tiwa Savage, and many more. She has also appeared on TV shows including The Voice. With all these incredible accolades behind her and being a dancer to the stars. She is now found using the talent that brought her success as she dances in her very own music video.

Born and raised in Reunion Island, it is to her one of the most unusual, hidden gem paradises on our planet, a place that holds a multitude of spectacular features that no doubt should be world-famous. She has traveled the world and lived in both Paris and Australia. She taps into these wanderlust experiences to inspire her music.

Give It All” is now available across all digital platforms.

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