ITV Studios’ power format Love Island continues its global expansion and reaches its 20th territory. The first season of Love Island South Africa is set to launch on M-Net 101 on DStv in February 2021. The dating reality series will be recorded in the Western Cape and produced by Rapid Blue.

Nkateko Mabaso, M-Net CEO, says, “We at M-Net are ecstatic about partnering with ITV Studios and joining this global brand as we launch Love Island South Africa. This is a continuation of M-Net’s strategy to provide premium quality shows in line with global trends.”

Maarten Meijs, President Global Entertainment, ITV Studios, adds, “The multi-channel phenomenon is having a fantastic year, travelling the world at a rapid pace. We can’t wait to see how this local adaptation will find its way to the South African viewers.”

Love Island features a group of single “Islanders” who come together in a stunning setting, ready to embark on a summer of love, friendships, and, ultimately, relationships. Every few days, the Islanders must couple up – those who fail to find a partner to couple up with risk being dumped from the island. Islanders are on the lookout for romance, but the road to love doesn’t always run smoothly.

Challenges abound with new Islander arrivals and dramatic twists as friendships and relationships form. In addition to choosing their partners wisely, Islanders must also win the hearts of viewers who have the opportunity to shape events on screen and ultimately crown one lucky couple the winners, who will then have the chance to walk away with both love and the cash prize of half a million rand.

Love Island is owned by ITV Studios and Motion Content Group Ltd and is distributed internationally by ITV Studios.

Meet The Sexy Islanders

Asad Boomgaard

Name: Asad
Surname: Boomgaard
Age: 24
Occupation: Personal Trainer
From: Johannesburg

What you need to know about him: 

Asad, says that he’s an old soul and a romantic at heart. He enjoys surprising the people he loves and once flew cupcakes from Cape Town to Johannesburg for a love interest, only to end up friend-zoned. Asad enjoys being active and outdoors and is looking for “…a good woman to keep me grounded,”.

Follow Asad on Instagram: @asado_b

Durang Atembe

Name: Durang
Surname: Atembe
Age: 22
Occupation: Personal Trainer
From: The Mother City

What you need to know about him: 

He is confident that he’s what the ladies are looking for, “I’ve got swagger, everyone said that I should join the show, I’m going with it and I’m interested. So, it will be a blessing having me on the show.” He values the small things in life and knows that being humble and working hard gets you places. When he’s not in the gym training his ripped body, Durang spends his time taking road trips and listening to good music.

Follow Durang on Instagram: @durangatembe

Erin Japhta

Name: Erin
Surname: Japhta
Age: 22
Occupation: Marketing Student
From: Cape Town

What you need to know about her:

Erin is a marketing student who studies in Los Angeles. She believes that Love Island is her second chance, “I’ve moved around a lot; I somewhat believe I deserve another chance at love and really hoping this is my opportunity.” Erin has lived in Indonesia, Los Angeles and now Cape Town. She’s a social butterfly and enjoys singing, going to the beach, hiking, hanging with friends, games nights, and fun night clubs.

Follow Erin on Instagram: @erinjaphta

Name: Ian
Surname: De Beer
Age: 24
Occupation: Law Student
From: Pretoria

What you need to know about him: 

Bringing Afrikaans boy charm to the Island is 24-year-old Ian “I’m confident and funny. I love awkwardness.” Ian is a Law Student and as a Bodybuilder, was determined to bring a ripped torso to the Villa, “I will come shredded for the show – I will have the best body,”. He is looking for a mature girl because he has two older sisters and that is what he is used to. He knows his way around the girls and believes he won’t struggle to get them to like him. His hobbies are working out, hiking, running and gaming.

Follow Ian on Instagram: @iandebeer_

Name: Jay
Surname: Freemantle
Age: 23
Occupation: Founder & CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency and Fitness Influencer
From: Sandton

What you need to know about him: 

I hate the term influencer. An influencer is someone like Gandhi and Mandela, not a social media ‘star’ “. Dark eyebrows are a massive pull for him. His most significant relationship was with his high school sweetheart. Since then, he has not had a significant relationship and is hoping that Love Island SA will change that. Apart from being a fitness fanatic, Jay also spends his time cooking and doing photography.

Follow Jay on Instagram: @livingwithjay_

Kaige Bertasso

Name: Kaige
Surname: Bertasso
Age: 21
Occupation: Professional Tennis Coach
From: Durban

What you need to know about him:

People confuse my confidence with arrogance – I love to boast.” In 2017, he experienced a life-altering event when his motorbike accident ended his professional tennis career. The experience taught him to never give up even when his whole world turned upside down. Making lemonade, Kaige became a Professional Tennis Coach. He will be loud and proud in the Villa and believes he has the best banter with looks to match.

Follow Kaige on Instagram: @land_of_kaige

Name: Millie
Surname: Terblanche
Age: 20
Occupation: Influencer
From: Cape Town

What you need to know about her: 

Millie is a quirky and outgoing Influencer from Cape Town. She’s here to entertain and bring about loads of banter: “I am funny… but dumb… but not dumb… but funny… but dumb”. At 17 she left her hometown to study in Cape Town, lost lots of weight and began taking care of herself while also creating a life that she loves. Millie entered the show to find love in a new and interesting way. As a creator, she enjoys creating art and watching and creating YouTube content, but also a good party!

Follow Millie on Instagram: @millieterblanche

Rochelle van Vuuren

Name: Rochelle
Surname: Van Vuuren
Age: 23
Occupation: Digital Creator
From: Pretoria

What you need to know about her: 

Stunning Demi Moore lookalike. She is qualified in BCom Strategic Management and also heavily involved in the fitness world. She competed in IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) in 2019 and won her first competition. She obtained her Gauteng North Colours and went on to compete for South Africa. This has taught her a whole new side to discipline. Her weakness is that she forgives too easily – her ex cheated on her many times, “My ex wasn’t even a trophy, maybe a bronze medal.”

Follow Rochelle on Instagram: @rochelle_vv

Name: Summer
Surname: Da Cruz
Age: 21
Occupation: Professional Dancer
From: Johannesburg

What you need to know about her: 

A Hooters girl! She is a professional dancer and has worked on MSC Cruise liners, where she got to visit several beautiful and exotic countries “I’ve travelled the entire world and still haven’t met someone who sparks something in me, I’m sure he’s in South Africa… somewhere,”. She is funny and clumsy but thinks on her feet. As a Love Islander, she brings her competitive streak and bubbly personality to the table and is looking for the guy with the good teeth…

Follow Summer on Instagram: @summer.dacruz

Thimna Shooto

Name: Thimna
Surname: Shooto
Age: 26
Occupation: Message Therapist
From: Mossel Bay

What you need to know about her: 

Thimna is confident and charismatic. She considers the current dating world very superficial and is looking for a real connection, “I’m tired of these rats, and I want a real man.” She says that her intelligence and independence can be intimidating to some men. In 2018, she was in a long-distance relationship that taught her a lot about knowing her self-worth. She is not jaded and not afraid to express her feelings. Go, Thimna!

Follow Thimna on Instagram: @itsmythimthim

Additional Islanders will be introduced and announced as the season progresses. Further to choosing their partners wisely, Islanders must also win the hearts of viewers who could shape events on screen, by joining in on the voting and poll activities during the show. To participate, viewers can visit the M-Net Website (web/mobile) and the DStv App.

Leandie du Randt serves as the host while witty voice-over artist Warren Robertson navigates viewers through the ultimate journey to finding love.

Leandie du Randt serves as the host while witty voice-over artist Warren Robertson navigates viewers through the ultimate journey to finding love.

One-hour episodes of this scorching reality TV series will air Mondays-Fridays at 9.30pm on M-Net Channel 101 and viewers can watch unseen-bits just after the 8pm movie on Sunday evenings.  Love Island SA is produced by Rapid Blue and sponsored by Lotto Star.

Viewers can visit the M-Net Website for exclusive show content and join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the #LovelslandSA and #mnet101.