Simone Roets has just released her brand new single and special video for Om Elke Hoek en Draai!

If your loved ones live far away, this Simoné Roets song is for you.

“Long-distance relationships, of any kind, can sometimes be bittersweet. On the one hand, you have the adventure and growth that happens when finding yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, as well as those short special visits that you appreciate more because you know that you only have limited time together. On the other hand, the ‘bitter’ of missing small moments in each other’s lives and saying goodbye after each visit,” says singer-songwriter, Simoné Roets, about the inspiration behind her latest single.

Om Elke Hoek en Draai is very close to her heart, because she wrote it with her mother. It is about families or loved ones living far apart, and those moments of longing when they cannot physically be together.

This heartfelt contemporary track was produced by Artistry Productions’ Jattie de Beer and will captivate you every time you hear it.

According to the musician, who recently returned to South Africa after living abroad, the song will appeal to a wide audience:

“Our story is also many other people’s story, and I believe listeners will be able to identify with the song.”

A beautiful music video of the track will also be available soon. Adi van der Walt produced this video that combines a series of emotional cell phone videos with scenes from the recording studio.

“The video tells our story and shares snippets of my relationship with my family over the last five years: the thousands of Facetime calls, voice notes, as well as the short visits we shared. I also wanted to make it more personal and show more of myself as a person and an artist,” she explains.

Om Elke Hoek en Draai follows in the footsteps of Dans in die Donker and Ongerep (ft. Joshua na die Reën), which were both very well received and can still be heard on the radio.

Simoné grew up in Nelspruit and only discovered her passion for music after school. Since then, she has released an EP, as well as several other English songs and was very involved at the Hillsong City Campus in Brisbane, where she used to live.

She is excited to be back on home soil and is currently busy finalizing her first Afrikaans album, which will be available soon.

Om Elke Hoek en Draai will speak to anyone who knows what it feels like to miss someone who lives far away.

The song is available on all digital platforms. Download it here.

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