Ambient Pop Artist Karma Luna Releases debut single titled ‘Poison Ivy’.

Available now on all major digital streaming platforms.

Friday, 26 November 21– A day anticipated by indie fans and industry gatekeepers, Karma Luna releases her single titled, ‘Poison Ivy‘, and it’s got our skin crawling. This fresh sounding record sets the tone for what’s to come from the talented singer as she delivers a deep and meaningful interpretation of an intoxicating love between two individuals in ‘Poison Ivy’.

Karma Luna carefully selected this niche genre of Ambient Pop with a hard-hitting touch of Trap/Dubstep as her genre which so aggressively stands out, complimented by her ethereal vocals, allowing space for the progression of the electronic sounds to infiltrate in the drop.

Karma Luna teamed up with fellow South African, producer/artist EGGSTA (Eden Michelle) producing a cover version of “Panic Room” by Au-ra accompanied by an intimate music video shot in the kitchen of Karma’s Johannesburg apartment portraying the difficulty of being in lockdown and how anxiety started creeping in day by day.

The two ladies continued their musical journey and set off to co-write and produce ‘Poison Ivy’ on the beautiful island of Cyprus. After spending hours in studio in Limassol, combining lyrical ideas and finding the detailed sound that Karma Luna sought for in her new release, they captured the underground European electronic sounds and flavour. You won’t be able to get enough of this new single.

The song speaks elegantly of a tainted love using lyrics like “Hold my skin just enough but you wouldn’t let me in, breathe you out, just in time, a subtle suffocation” which is incredibly relatable for those who have experienced a challenging relationship. The song later describes the love interest as ‘Poison Ivy which insinuates the toxicity of the intimacy of the relationship.

Karma Luna takes us through the process of working on this track in Cyprus and what it feels like to release such a vulnerable song in her very own country, South Africa.: Working with Eden was such an incredible experience, working on it on the beautiful island of Cyprus didn’t hurt either. Releasing ‘Poison Ivy‘ is so healing for me. It expresses the emotions felt in not only romantic relationships, but other relationship types as well. Eden really helped me feel safe to be vulnerable which I am so grateful for. The end result we created together is far beyond my expectations.

Karma Luna is set to release more singles in the coming months as well as continue to create content for her engaged followers who have shown immense excitement for this release day of ‘Poison Ivy‘.

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