Nicholas Joubert comes full circle with the release of his new music video for debut ‘Someone New’.

Nicholas Joubert may be new to the music scene, but he is anything but overlooked. The newcomer made his debut with ‘Someone New’, released in early October, and the song is already charting on various radio stations across the country.

The new track, which concerns a break-up, is anything but gloomy. The singer wanted to write an upbeat pop song, and that is exactly what he did. ‘Someone New’ is fun and cheeky.

That being said, however, the concept for the music video was a little different. Here, Nicholas wanted to capture the raw emotion of a break-up and the frustration that comes with it. The aim was to get deep and personal and to bring all elements of the song into balance.

Shot and directed by SEVVEN, the idea was to use key items that came from Nicholas’ failed relationship. The visuals were designed to create a deep sense of sadness and seriousness, and the lighting and wardrobe similarly created a somber mood.

Nicholas explains,

“I come home to an empty apartment and am surrounded by objects of my past relationship. I look around and am constantly reminded of my ex. This just exasperates the situation until I eventually lose my cool and punch the punching bag.”

Though extremely personal, the songwriting process served as a sort of catharsis, allowing the artist to grieve the relationship and fully focus on the music release.

The video did come with its challenges though. Assisted by the Love of Dance Academy, Nicholas wanted to honour the up-tempo aspects of the song with dance. With two left feet, Nicholas had to learn the choreography with little to no time.

Nicholas elaborates,

“The whole experience was a great learning experience for me and I had the pleasure of working with a great team who made the experience very memorable. I am truly blessed to have met these individuals who are helping me realize my dream. Big thanks to Shakira Leece Jones and Nicci Sievers for bringing the video to life.”

With everything coming together in the end, Nicholas laughs at the challenges faced at the onset of production. Falling prisoner to Eskom and loadshedding, the crew sat in the dark for hours, waiting for an opportunity to film.

“We had to go back to finish the shoot the following week,” he says.

Not wanting to end the music video on a depressing note, the video introduces a new love interest at the end, leaving the story open ended, so viewers can envisage their own ending.

Nicholas concludes,

“Once the final edit was done, I was really proud of what my team and I created with this music video. The whole team is driven to show that South Africa can produce content that is on par with international standards and it shows in the video.”