Posduif’s debut album is finally here!

Posduif waited a long time and they worked very hard to share their first album with their fans and the public out there.

Finally, on 28 October 2021, their debut album, Niks Vergelyk will be released and available on all digital platforms and promises to stay true to the Posduif sound and includes something for everyone!

“All the songs we included are full and interesting and tell a story that listeners will be able to make their own”, says James Boland, lead singer of the group.

They initially planned on releasing their debut album last year. However, their plan was thwarted by the pandemic and related lockdown regulations. As is their nature, the band managed to put a positive spin on it by using the time to produce an album that they are truly proud of.

“The album offers a combination of songs, from sing out loud to shedding tears for those you love. It is a compilation of stories about our lives and each song carries deep meaning,” says Boland. “The idea was to create an album you can listen to from start to finish without losing interest. As such, each song has a unique story and sound.”

The great singalong song, Niks Vergelyk, written by Boland and guitarist Nick Jordaan, which was released to radio on 30 September 2021 can be heard on radio stations nationwide and already entered the radio charts of many stations.

In true Posduif fashion, the release of this catchy song is complemented by an equally exciting music video filmed and directed by SAMA nominated producer, Kyle White.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:  https://youtu.be/YBqUKMmNxGw

Posduif was formed in 2018 and also nominated for Band of the Year and Song of the Year by Bok Radio.

The group consists of Boland, Jordaan, Gopal, Campbell and new member Nick McCreadie on drums.

Album track list:

  1. 1. Laat val die Water
  2. 2. Stellenbosch Somersaand
  3. 3. Engeland
  4. 4. Niks Vergelyk
  5. 5. Valskerms
  6. 6. Herinner My
  7. 7. Braai Song
  8. 8. Spinnekop
  9. 9. Wat van Jou
  10. 10. My Gesin

Bonus Tracks on Physical Album:

  1. 11. Brandy Special
  2. 12. Een vir My

Niks Vergelyk is available on all digital platforms. Download it here.

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