Club Of Suns releases their eagerly awaited single & music video, NOVA.

Single available to stream & download across digital platforms from Thursday 1 April here.

The Johannesburg based band, Club of Suns, is proving that it was worth the wait, with the eagerly awaited release of their single, NOVA, now available across all digital platforms from today, Thursday 1 April.

The single release is accompanied by a high-end production music video.

Club of Suns is a South African band making music in the digital age. The band explores unique sounds and approaches to their music, not limited by genre and location. They have been described as delivering a cerebral experience. The content of the music deals with local and global struggles, as well as more intimate matters of the heart, with interstellar themes


Says Matt Levings, frontman of the band, “NOVA was inspired by a state of isolation and distance from the world (like a supernova). It started as a simple and spacey synth-wave sound on the microKORG.”

The band stepped into studio with Paul Gala of Hunter as a Horse and Bad Future Records fame. NOVA was still a minimal, spacey synth track, then called “Dark Wave”. The pitch bending retro synth sound was the foundation that the song would be built around. The band were eager to experiment and step into a sound that is more electronic than their previous work.

The song has been described as a series of parts, rather than being conventional in its structure. The nostalgic retro synths and keys lure the listener in, while the vocals and bass bring the heartbeat and breath of the song to life. The unconventional minimal first chorus played on the piano leaves (front man) Matt exposed and vulnerable. In the second part of the song, the wave of sounds crashes in a cataclysmic conclusion. It leaves the listener floating through space as it trails off at the end.

NOVA is about the complexity of straddling the natural universe and our virtual worlds. Our lives are shared in a virtual space and curated memories are designed to come back and haunt us through our devices. NOVA also references the interstellar theme of the band and describes a comparison of binary stars, like lovers, locked in a cataclysmic dance of death.

When asked about the song, Matt confesses;

“We have all made so many sacrifices in recent years. To step into studio and create something together like NOVA, makes that all worthwhile. It’s brutally honest writing and ties in with themes that we regularly visit. We’re all members of the Club of Suns, we’re all made of the same stuff (stardust) and it’s through cataclysm that we’re reborn. We can’t wait for the follow up with Paul. It’s going to be Atomic.”

Download, stream and add NOVA to your playlists.

The single release is accompanied by a high-end production music video, which enhances the song through a unique visual experience, produced by Indie Village Creative.

To enjoy the music video…


Matt Levings is the lead vocalist, guitarist and plays keys. He works in film as a DOP and Editor. He was able to pitch the visual concept and co-directed the music video for NOVA.

Izak Buys plays bass guitar and backing vocals for the band. He is a high school History and Visual Arts Teacher as well as a practicing artist.

Stefan von Buddenbrock is the time keeping drummer and percussionist. He is also overqualified to be in the band, having a doctorate in particle physics.

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