From now until December 13, fans vote for the Red Bull Dance Your Style winner as eight finalists and eight professional Wildcards battle their way to the Global Competition Title.

The judges have spoken, and now it’s up to the public: Over 1,500 dance sensations from 47 countries submitted audition videos on TikTok for the 2020 edition of Red Bull Dance Your Style, a street dance competition with global scale. Now, only eight remain. As they dance their hearts out for the title, they’ll face new street dance challenges and new music – not to mention professional Wildcard opponents – in head-to-head battles. People everywhere can vote for the winners, only on TikTok, from November 25 through December 13, when the last round decides the ultimate champion.

South Africa’s very own 250Machine has made it into the Top 16 where he will be competing with dancers from around the globe on TikTok. 250Machine recently was a part of the Red Bull Dance Your Style roadshow which took the Gauteng’s top dancers to all corners of the province earlier this month. The Red Bull Dance Your Style roadshow showcased some of the top dancers as well as unearthing new talent in the region.

The competition so far

For 2020, the competition launched a new digital format – the Red Bull Dance Your Style Challenge – that takes the phenomenon of online dance challenges to the next level. It began when participants from all over the world uploaded audition videos on TikTok. Three judges from the top ranks of the international dance scene – Majid Kessab of Germany, Ibuki Imata of Japan, and “So You Think You Can Dance” winner Leon “Kida the Great” Burns of the USA, chose eight dancers from the audition to move on to the finals.

What happens next?

In the finals, the eight chosen audition dancers face eight pre-selected Wildcard talents, like Jojo Akams/@Akamztwenty20, whose following has already grown to over 4 million thanks to the power of trending dance on TikTok. As the public votes for the winner of each battle, the field is narrowed until only two dancers are left and the overall winner is declared on December 13. He or she will be guaranteed a fast track toward a spot in the 2021 Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final – staying firmly in the spotlight.


  • Wildcard vs. Online Finalists
  • Dassy, South Korea / Popping Shorty, Italy / Popping
  • Kieran Lai, UK / Illusionary Forms Tonini, Italy / Hip-Hop
  • Anane the Dancer, Belgium / Hip-Hop, House Tawatha, Netherlands / Popping
  • Amely Mel’s, France / Hip-Hop 250Machine, South Africa / Popping
  • Akamztwenty20, France / Krump Candyman, France / Locking
    Ruth Prim, Spain / Hip-Hop Angyil, USA / Popping
  • Konkrete, USA / Krump JR Game, Germany / Krump
  • Luna Yuna, South Korea / Locking Lin, Japan / Hip-Hop, Popping

Here’s how to vote in the Red Bull Dance Your Style Challenge finals, happening NOW:

  • Head to @RedBullDance on TikTok.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your TikTok account.
  • Watch the dance battle and vote for the winner using the poll function.
  • A new battle will be posted almost every day. So keep coming back as the field narrows and keep voting right through the final round.

Who rules the dance floor? The public decides! Everyone can see the action and – most important of all – VOTE for the winner starting November 25 by following @RedBullDance on TikTok.