Arts & Culture Trust Extends Closing Date of the ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme Open Call.

Due to public demand, the closing date for The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) Nyoloha ‘Road to Sun City‘ Scholarship Programme has been extended to Wednesday, 1 June 2022.

The ACT’s interim CEO, Jessica Denyschen, says that since the programme open call started on 26 April 2022, the responses have exceeded expectations.

“As word spreads among matriculants, school leavers, educators and parents, the volume of applicants and enquiries continues to grow. We are pleased to extend the closing date to the end of May, thereby offering more students the opportunity to take the “Road to Sun City” and possibly win a fully paid scholarship to study at any one arts institutions of their choice, across South Africa,” says Denyschen.

The ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme, supported by the Nedbank Arts Affinity, Sun City and Sun International, is open to matriculants, young performers and visual artists from 17 to 25 years old with a university exemption and who wish to study towards an arts degree at a tertiary institution in South Africa.

Singing, acting and dancing auditions and interviews, with portfolio presentations by visual arts candidates, will take place in June 2022 via Zoom on dates scheduled by the ACT.

Thereafter, successful audition candidates will participate in mentorship activities every two weeks from 25 June to 10 September 2022. The mentors will engage regularly with their mentees and provide support. In the final week of each month, the participants’ work will be rated as part of the short-listing exercise to determine the 12 qualifying finalists.

Participants who do not make the shortlist will continue with the programme. Their performance, commitment and body of work will be evaluated over the training and mentorship period, and the top three students will be selected to join the 12 finalists at Sun City as ‘wild cards‘.

However, in the run-up to the closing night, the 12 finalists and the three wild-card students will first have to attend a week of masterclasses facilitated by industry leaders.

On 8 October 2022 the winner will be announced at a spectacular gala event, hosted at Sun City. The ACT will cover meals and accommodation costs. This gala event will culminate in a visual arts exhibition and showcase.

The Nyoloha programme is part of the new ACT strategy to educate, uplift and empower those wishing to make a career in the arts and culture sector. It rewards commitment, excellence and growth potential.

‘When I heard about the call, it popped into my mind that this is exactly what I want,’ says Rick Baloyi, the Visual Arts Scholarship Winner for 2019. ‘These people are willing to help young artists like us and take us into higher education and I said, “I want this one”‘.

“You won’t believe how I’ve grown,” says Chantal de Haan, the Dance Scholarship Award Winner for 2019. “I think the biggest lesson of this week is to realise that dance is not just dance. I’ve learned that you can have choreography, you can do a move, but if there is no emotion invested in it then it’s pointless really and I’ve learned that focus is the most important thing. Hard work and focus. All I can say is come with an open mind. Come wanting to work hard, wanting to push yourself. You need to come prepared for your life to be changed.”

Full details of the ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme application process, requirements and consent forms are available on the ACT website and on the ACT Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The registration fee is R100 and terms and conditions apply.

Hurry, take advantage of the extended ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme closing date of 1 June 2022. Apply today here.

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